Atlántico frío

Nouvelle publication collective du programme de recherche MoDe(s), Université de Barcelone/

New publication launched by the project MoDe(s), University of Barcelona.

Atlántico frío. Historias transacionales del arte y la política en los tiempos del telón de acero.
Editor: Paula Barreiro López
Madrid: Brumaria Editions, 2019

Authors: Juan Albarrán Diego, Lorena Amorós, Blasco, María Ayllón Barasoain, Paula Barreiro López, Miriam Basilio, Juliane Debeusscher, Julián Díaz Sánchez, Olga Fernández López, Jonathan Harris, María Íñigo Clavo, Fabiola Martínez Rodríguez, Inés Plasencia Camps, María Ruido, Fabiana Serviddio y Jaime Vindel

This publication contributes to the reexamination and questioning of the role of culture and art during this period and proposes a fresh reading of the role played by artists, art critics, cultural agents and exhibitions in the tricontinental space (constituted by the Americas, Southern Europe and Africa) in the creation of transnational cultural networks, dissident geographies and global structures. Questioning the historiographic constructions of the Cold War focused for a long time on the bipolar confrontation between the Western and Soviet blocs, it seeks to contribute to a new cartography of artistic practices taking into account its collaborations (and tensions) with political practices, through a reading from the Atlantic and the global South.

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